As a partner of the Champlain Centre for Health Care Ethics, organizations are able to access and host monthly regional ethics rounds. The topics for the regional ethics rounds will vary, and are determined by influential current ethical issues, and those issues facing the partner organizations.

Recently provided and upcoming ethics-round topics include:

2019 – Spring

February 2019: What about Residents/Patients’ Advance Directives when Transitioning from Long Term Care to Hospital in an Emergency Situation

March 2019: Privacy and Confidentiality in Small Communities

April 2019: Suicidal Patients Who Refuse Resuscitation: Should We Honor Their Wishes?

2018 – Spring

February 2018: Resident Autonomy and Decision-Making in the Final Chapter of Life: The concept of moral distress and moral courage in healthcare

March 2018: Risk to Healthcare Providers in Home Environments

April 2018: Devices and Desires

May 2018: Aligning Organizational Values with Practices: Are there Benchmarks?

2017 – Fall

October 2017: The IV Drug-User Requires IV Medication: Ethical Issues    

November 2017: Indigenous Mental Health: Discharge and Ethical Issues

December 2017: Empowering Patients

2017 – Spring

February 2017: Disagreements in Care Planning: Whose Wishes Prevail?

March 2017: Professional Boundaries and Behaviour: In Practice and on Social Media.

April 2017: Ethics at the End of Life: Futility, Death, and Interventions.

May 2017: Ethical Dilemmas in the Community.

June 2017: The Priority of Patient Autonomy…Well, Not so Fast.

2016 – Fall

October 2016: Assisted Death and Lessons from the Dutch Experience – Dr. Gerrit Kimsma (the Netherlands)

November 2016: Ethical Issues in Sexuality and Intimacy in Long-Term Care.

December 2016: Responsible Resource Allocation in Health Care: A community nursing perspective.

2016 – Spring

February 2016: The Ethical Challenges with Resource Allocation and System Reform

March 2016: Moral Distress and Moral Courage

April 2016: Consent to Treatment: The Law is the Minimum Ethic

May 2016:  Legislating MAID: Considerations on Bill C-14

2015 – Fall

September 2015: Ethical Issues Arising in Consent, Capacity, and the Sharing of Personal Health Information.

October 2015: Clarifying the Role of SDMs, and Thinking About Mandatory Influenza Vaccination.

November 2015: Carter v. Canada…and the Ethical Challenges we Now Face.

December 2015: Ethical Challenges in Managing Police Requests for Non-Medically Necessary Interventions.