2018 Resources

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2018 Ethics Symposium – Tackling the Opioid Crisis


Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull –  Tackling the Opioid Crisis

Kira Mandryk and Cynthia Horvath – Ethics in Harm Reduction

Rob Boyd – Responding to Canada’s Drug Policy Crisis

Jacky Mace and Sara Olivier – Substance Use Program at TOH

Rod Olfert – New Addiction Treatment Investments


2017 Resources

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2017 Ethics Symposium – MAID in Champlain


Dr. Alan Chaput – MAID: Challenges in Translating Legislation into Practice

Dr. Louise McNaughton-Filion – The Coroner’s Perspective on MAID.

Dr. Michelle Mullen – Battered Hearts and Broken Dreams: Thinking About MAID in Children and Youth

Susan Engels – Mature Minors, Advance Requests & Mental Illness as a Sole Underlying Condition: Protecting the Vulnerable or Discrimination?


2016 Resources

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2016 Ethics Symposium – Can we choose wisely


Dr. Rakesh Patel – Economics at the Bedside

Nathalie Cadieux – Ethics and Resource Allocation 2016

Catherine Butler- Hard Decisions – Resource Allocation

Cal Martell – Making it count: Ethics and Resource Allocation


2015 Resources

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2015 Ethics Symposium – Ethical Challenges in Regulating PAD in Ontario


Dr. Thomas Foreman – Carter vs Canada

Dr. Ben Robert – Ethics, Euthanasia, and Education

Dr. Andrew Mai – Physician Assisted Death: Practical and Ethical Implications in the Hospice Setting and in the Home

Vivian Stang – Physician Assisted Dying – Spiritual and Moral Issues


2014 Resources

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2014 Ethics Symposium – The Ethics of Living at Risk


Dr. Thomas Foreman – Moral Courage and Living at Risk

Frank Wagner – Whose Choice is it Anyway?

Wendy Muckle – The Ethics of Living at Risk – Ottawa Inner City Health, Inc and the Homeless

Colleen MacPhee – The Grey Zone – Dealing With Ethical Issues at the Front Line